June 23, 2021 Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

OBB engaged the services of GCS Oman to provide its advisory services to identify and recommend the issues arising out of the proposed amendments to its license that was sent by TRA to OBB, in response to OBB’s request in seeking addition to its licensed services in the form of international telecommunications services.

The scope of work agreed between OBB and GCS Oman is the following:
1. Identifying the potential areas of concern to OBB arising out of the proposed amendments to the license;
2. Explanation of the areas of concern in respect of impact on OBB’s business;
3. Recommendations for altering the amendments to reflect fair licensing process;
4. Issue of a report to enable OBB to engage with the TRA to conduct its negotiations.

As GCS and OBB reached a common understanding on the major issues that require further deliberation and detailing for the purpose of negotiations with the TRA.