GCS and FTI Consulting, Project Partnership

February 6, 2023

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman


A new MoU for the new project partnership between GCS and FTI Consulting representative Wayne Anthony is signing. This new partnership aims to create new potential projects and services for many customers in the future. FTI Consulting provides a wide range of services that intends to help clients at every phase of the business cycle, from proactive risk management to the capacity to act quickly in emergencies and dynamic circumstances.


The services offered by FTI Consulting are as follows:


    • Antitrust – Companies, lawyers, and government regulatory bodies require a dependable, impartial, and knowledgeable partner to assisting manage and resolving difficulties.
    • Cybersecurity – uses a systematic, intelligence-driven, expert-led approach to tackle the most complicated cybersecurity threats.
    • E-Discovery & Managed Review – providing different controlled review and e-discovery services for legal, investigative, and regulatory concerns.
    • Blockchain & Digital Assets – Organizations are assisted by the blockchain and digital asset practice in addressing the potential and hazards of the ecosystem for digital assets.
    • Data & Analytics – experts at using data to reveal underlying truths of business operations to support companies during regulatory inquiries and commercial disputes.
    • Business Transformation & Strategy – Consultation for independent enterprise-wide transformation expertise at times of opportunity and upheaval.
    • Dispute Advisory & international Arbitration – Assisting international customers in resolving different issues, including claims under international public law and complex commercial and regulatory challenges that call for understanding particular industries.
    • Information Governance, Privacy & Security – Gives businesses the people, tools, and technology they need to make real, measurable improvements.
    • Transactions – develop and implement the Day 1 through Day 100+ plan, secure the necessary regulatory approvals, perform due diligence (finance, operational, tax, technical, IT, and commercial), identify cost and revenue synergies, generate employee support, develop and distribute deal communications, secure the necessary regulatory approvals.
    • Policy &Regulation – give in-depth, complex analysis and dependable, impartial advice on public policy and the economy.
    • Managed Services – Powered by AI – helps companies increase control effectiveness and operational efficiency through automation and end-to-end process optimization.
    • Strategic Communications – Organizations must adopt a planned, proactive approach to communication to reduce risks and achieve desired results.
    • Risk & Compliance – Effective risk management and compliance processes are essential to prevent infractions that might limit an organization’s capacity to function, damage its corporate reputation, and affect its commercial connections.
    • Turnaround & Restructuring – Guidance and transformation solutions for increasing frequency, pace, size, and complexity of bankruptcy and insolvency filings.